Accreditation Status

To All Current and Prospective Students of the San Juan Bautista PA Program: Recently, you received notice of the ARC-PA ruling on the accreditation status of the physician assistant program. We have subsequently received follow-up information from the ARC-PA specifying the exact language they require to be disseminated. The statement reads as follows:

ACCREDITATION STATUS: ARC-PA has withdrawn the San Juan Bautista PA Program from the ARC-PA accreditation process. Effective July 1, 2025, ARC-PA shall withdraw accreditation from the San Juan Bautista PA Program. Subject to fulfillment of various obligations, the San Juan Bautista PA Program will remain accredited on probation through June 30, 2025. The San Juan Bautista PA Program will not accept any new students for enrollment. Specific questions regarding the San Juan Bautista PA Program and its plans should be directed to the Program Director.

At its 2021 September meeting, the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc. (ARC-PA) placed the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program sponsored by San Juan Bautista School of Medicine on Accreditation-Probation status until its next review in 2023 September.

Probation accreditation is a temporary accreditation status initially of not less than two years. However, that period may be extended by the ARC-PA for up to an additional two years if the ARC-PA finds that the program is making substantial progress toward meeting all applicable standards but requires additional time to come into full compliance.

Probation accreditation status is granted, at the sole discretion of the ARC-PA, when a program holding an accreditation status of Accreditation - Provisional or Accreditation - Continued does not, in the judgment of the ARC-PA, meet the Standards or when the capability of the program to provide an acceptable educational experience for its students is threatened. Once placed on probation, a program that fails to comply with accreditation requirements in a timely manner, as specified by the ARC-PA, may be scheduled for a focused site visit and is subject to having its accreditation withdrawn.

Specific questions regarding the Program and its plans should be directed to the Program Director and/or the appropriate institutional official(s). The program’s accreditation history can be viewed on the ARC-PA website at


Thank you for your interest in our Physician Assistant Program. All the information you need related to the program will be found in the links provided. The information contained here will provide you with a snapshot of what the program is all about, how we intend to deliver an exceptional educational experience to our students, and how confident we are that you will attain the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to gain certification as a Physician Assistant and provide your clinical services in any area of medicine you chose. If this describes you, we encourage you to apply!

In keeping with official policies, San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, (SJBSM) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation and veteran, marital or parental status. If a candidate is accepted at SJBSM and has a disability that requires reasonable accommodation, they must present a written request to the Deanship of Student Affairs Office. All candidates must meet the PA technical standards* for admission. (EO 2020-04)


The mission of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program is to educate and graduate capable students to meet the challenges of providing primary health care services as members of the health care team. Our graduates will have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to practice in a variety of clinical and specialty settings. Our Program strives to excel in educating, training, and graduating competent, compassionate, and dedicated Physician Assistants who will serve the health care needs of all people, without exception. Our graduates will have the necessary knowledge and problem-solving skills required for life-long learning, which will enable them to become excellent providers, clinical researchers, valuable members of the health care team, and leaders of our profession.


Please click the link below to view the information about program goals, components, measures of success, benchmarks, and data sources. Our program aims to provide an evidence-based education that fosters life-long learning and scholarly research.

SJBSM MPAS Program Goals Effectiveness Plans