The nursing program as part of the SJBSM shares the mission of preparing highly qualified professionals giving emphasis to community health. As their mission, the SJBSM is committed to educating a culturally and linguistically diverse generation of physicians and other health professionals. Graduates will have the knowledge, skills, values, and competencies to pursue career options in medicine, public health and nursing; deliver high quality care services and
conduct clinical research. The school’s special interest is centered in community health, conducting research on translational community medicine; and on
graduating physicians and other health professionals who are responsive to the health needs of underserved and medically vulnerable populations. The mission
of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (BSN-DNP pathway) program is a dynamic program that prepares highly qualified nurses for leadership positions in
multiple domains of health care and provides diversity, inclusion and equity care to populations within the community they serve. The students are prepared with
the necessary skills to serve as Primary Care Nurse Practitioner provider in the Adult Gerontology population focusing on Health prevention and promotion in
order to impact health outcomes and transform health care delivery. The students will develop skills for diagnosis, establishment of the treatment plan,
pharmacology and non-pharmacology prescription. The program is focused on prevention, promotion, and maintenance of good health.