The Deanship of Health Science (DHS) oversees the day-to-day operation of the Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Nursing, Master in Public Health, and the Master of Physician Assistant Studies programs. SJB’s dedicated and talented faculty and staff are committed to preparing future healthcare professionals ready to meet the needs of a highly complex, evolving, and diverse healthcare environment. The programs comprise dedicated students and distinguished faculty and staff with decades of cumulative experience.

The DHS proudly prepares healthcare professionals ready to collaborate in providing care, whether in acute care, community, or global settings. The programs prepare healthcare leaders to chart the course for safe, effective, and efficient, cutting-edge healthcare interventions. Students experience a comprehensive educational experience grounded in the foundational arts and sciences required by specific health-related disciplines. Our students are provided opportunities to build the complex critical thinking skills required for professional practice and the expression of complex ideas. These approaches prepare the students to enter the rapidly changing healthcare environments of the 21st century as collaboration-ready healthcare practitioners—faculty partner with students and the community for service opportunities at local, regional, and global locations. Students are committed to lifelong learning, achievement of excellence, and improved quality of life for all those students serve.

Dean of Health Sciences
Professor Physician Assistant Program
José Ginel Rodríguez, MD, FAAP