Terms of Reference: SJBSM External Research Advisory Committee (ERAC)
Purpose: External Advisory Committee to the Director, Research Center (RC)


  1. Provides scientific and administrative input on the annual report on research productivity at the Institution prepared by the Research Center director in collaboration with the Institutional Research Committee (IRC).
  2. Provides guidance in relation to the implementation of the Research Strategic Plan by:
    a. offering assistance and diverse perspectives to help achieve the goals,
    b. providing advice on the activities to reach the goals;
    c. assessing the effectiveness of the strategies to provide feedback and recommendations.


The Committee's composition includes at least 5 members with expertise in academia, grantsmanship, or research, representing clinical and basic sciences, public health, and nursing. At least two members will be from an academic institution outside of Puerto Rico.

Terms of Appointment

Members are invited by the RC director with the advice of the corresponding Associate Deans, ERAC Chair, and the IRC members. The term of appointment shall be two years and may be renewed for two additional terms.

Chair and Secretary

The Chair is invited by the RC director from the SJBSM tenured Faculty leaders. The Chair will help the RC Director to prepare the Agenda for the meeting and will help to lead the order of the meeting. The Chair will also take notes and help the RC director in preparing the minutes.


The Committee will meet at least once a year. The quorum will be half of the membership (three).


The ERAC members will submit an annual Visit Report at least three months after the meeting to the RC director and ERAC Chair for discussion of findings and recommendations. Within three months after receipt of the ERAC Visit Report, the RC director will submit the final Report to the President/Dean, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Committee, ERAC and the IRC with findings (strengths, challenges, and recommendations) on research productivity.

Approved by IRC on August 27th, 2020