Goals of the SJBSM

  1. Provide a medical education for the 21st century, with graduates well-trained in integrated and team based care, ethics, and outcome standards to optimally manage the care of individuals and entire communities.
  2. Integrate the disciplines of medicine and public health in medical education to enhance the connection between prevention, promotion and treatment of disease and improve population health.
  3. Cultivate translational research by creating collaborative alliances among basic scientists, clinical faculty and community practitioners.
  4. Maintain and enhance the use of information technology as a tool for teaching, research, performance measurement, and enhancing communication within the school of medicine and surrounding communities.
  5. Continue to reinforce the diverse network of clinical settings for clerkship rotations and hands-on training to strengthen students’ clinical skills, cultural competency and health systems management.
  6. Maintain an institutional environment that is conducive to and supportive of interprofessional education, research, academic freedom, life-long learning, and a culture of quality improvement.
  7. Recruit and retain outstanding, culturally and linguistically diverse faculty, students and staff and recognize their contributions to the school of medicine.
  8. Enhance the school’s image as an institution committed to advance community medicine, excellence in primary care, public health and nursing.
  9. Continue to manage the school resources with fiscal responsibility and explore new avenues for expanding funding sources.
  10. Develop a system to accurately evaluate measurable outcomes of medical education, public health and nursing.
  11. Enhance efforts to keep-on attracting students form diverse backgrounds and create partnerships in order to increase diversity among applicants.