The Mission Statement of the SJBSM Office of Continuing Medical Education purpose is to change competence, performance and patient outcomes of our physicians and health professionals to improve the health status of the community. The Content Areas operates according to established procedures based upon evidence knowledge, technology and outcome research with the goal of improvement health care quality. The target audience primary focus is the education of physicians and allied health professionals, we encourage multidisciplinary attendance. The Program organizes and provides a full range of educational activities according to the educational needs in knowledge, competence or performance to improve the professional practice of learners. The results are based in provide high quality educational activities according the expected changes in competence, performance or patient outcomes. The mission statement is reviewed regularly by the CME Committee.

Services offered

a. Online and face-to-face courses
b. Online module: Death Certifícate -
c. Process continuing education credits for the activities of interested institutions

Policies and procedures


Accredited by the Board of Licensing and Medical Discipline in Puerto Rico and PR Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professionals of the Department of Health


Directed to licensed doctors and other health professionals

Documents requesting Continued Education

Continued Education

Contact information

Dr. Carmen Rodriguez (787) 337-4304
Denise Perez Ortiz (787) 337-4304

Authorized signature of certificate

The person authorized to sign the certificate is the Education Continuing Director

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Policy and Procedures

Tuition refund

The offering of scheduled continuing education activities is subject to reaching the required minimum enrollment, so the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine reserves the right to make changes, schedule or cancel the activities. Every pre-registered person will be notified of date changes as the case may be. If a person has made the tuition payment and the training is canceled, he/she will receive a credit under equal conditions, to be used at their discretion in another scheduled course. This credit must be redeemed during the current academic year. If the person pre-registered already paid and will not being able to attend the event, that person must notify their inability to attend 48 hours in advance. SJBSM will not reimburse money for tuition.

Cancellation of activities

In case of cancellation or change of date of the continuing education schedule, the person will be notified by email or other means of communication.


General Policy related to enrollment and development of Medical Education activities.
The courses aimed at health professionals are submitted to the respective Boards through the Puerto Rico Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professionals of the Department of Health. Those directed to physicians are submitted to the Puerto Rico Medical Licensing and Discipline Board for consideration. Both, the Board of Health Professionals Examiners and the Puerto Rico Board of Licensing and Medical Discipline determine the number of contact hours to be approved for each educational design submitted. Therefore, SJBSM is not responsible for changes in the number of hours that said organizations approve or for the delays they incur in course approvals. Once the Examining Boards evaluate the designs, they determine if a course is approved or not approved and for how many hours of the total requested. Enrollment may be by email or in person before the course is held depending on space availability.


Your complaints and worries can help us detect mistakes and lead to improvements to the program. If you have a complaint, you can refer it to:

Authorized signature of certificate

The person authorized to sign the certificate is the president of the CME Committee

Certification of Death with an Emphasis on Disaster-Related Deaths

Puerto Rico Death Certification Working Group. Certification of Death with an Emphasis on Disaster-Related Deaths: A Curriculum developed for the Jurisdiction of Puerto Rico. August 25, 2020; Material intended for training and capacity building use in the Public Domain.