All students enrolled in the School are required to have health insurance. At the time of registration they must present evidence that they are covered by health insurance. Otherwise, they must join the medical group plan which the School offers. This insurance covers medical services, surgery, ambulatory care, hospitalization, and visits to specialists, laboratories, x-ray studies, maternity services, dental services and prescribed medications.

Students insured by contract with the School’s health insurance provider are covered yearly during three periods: first semester, second semester, and summer session. This insurance coverage extends to anywhere in Puerto Rico twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The premiums may vary according to the coverage selected. This health insurance provides optional coverage for direct dependents of the students.

Disability Insurance

The School, through an insurance company, has established a benefits plan for disability due to illness or accidents that may prevent the student from continuing his/her academic activities. The annual insurance premium may vary depending on the student’s age and smoking habit at the time of registration. The student who has his own disability insurance must present evidence during registration. Otherwise, he/she must enroll through the school's health insurance provider.