Promoting Post Baccalaureate for Hispanic Americans Program (PPOHA)

The US Department of Education awarded San Juan Bautista School of Medicine to received funding from Title V- Part B - Promoting Post Baccalaureate for Hispanic Americans Program (PPOHA) for the implementation of the following grants:

  • Title Project: “Strengthening Access to Graduate Health Care Education”
    SJBSM received a Grant Award from the US Department of Education with a five-year budget of $2.9 million (P031M190053). The following activities will be implemented during the 2019-2024 years:
    • Renovate an existing area to create the Graduate Resource Center.
    • Develop vital resources and services in the Graduate Resource Center to address gaps in student skills in statistical analysis, writing, clinical reasoning, and financial literacy.
    • Establish a Virtual Anatomy Lab and integrate innovative technology tools (Anatomy Tables, Body Viz) as a fundamental aspect of the curriculum.
    • Develop a Faculty Development Program to address identified gaps in faculty skills and knowledge and strengthen the faculty’s role as clinical educators.
    • Establish a comprehensive Student Information System (Jenzabar-SONIS) to have a digital platform to enhance the student support services.
    • Continue developing the Graduate Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to qualified students from 2021-22, 2022-23, and 2023-24 academic year.

Director SJBSM PPOHA Title V Grant
Nélida Rivera, EdD
(787) 743-3038 ext 202

Activities Director/Graduate Resource Center Director
Linda R. Pérez-Laras, DrPH
(787) 743-3038 ext 201