Full-Time Nursing Faculty

Faculty Name and tittle Rank Email Specialty
Elizabeth Padilla Rivera, Ed. D, RN, MSN, PCA Associate Dean of Nursing/ Director epadilla@sanjuanbautista.edu Administration and Critical Care
EdD Education and Leadership
Zuny Torres Méndez, RN MSN FNP BSN Clinical Practice Coordinator/ Instructor zuny.torres@sanjuanbautista.edu Family Nurse Practitioner
Madeline Vargas, PhD RN MSN BSN Skill Laboratory Coordinator/ Instructor madeline.vargas@sanjuanbautista.edu Adult and Elderly
PhD Leadership and Education

Part-Time Nursing Faculty

Faculty Name and tittle Rank Email Specialty
María M. Dones Rodríguez, PhD RN MSN Instructor maria.dones@sanjuanbautista.edu Adult and Elderly PhD
Leadership and Education
Gladys González, RN MSN Instructor gladys.gonzalez@sanjuanbautista.edu Mother and Child
Ángel Luis Martínez, RN MSN Instructor angel.martinez@sanjuanbautista.edu Adult and Elderly
Susana Rosa, RN FNP Instructor srosa@sanjuanbautista.edu Family Nurse Practitioner
Jayson Ramírez Reyes, RN FNP Instructor jayson.ramirez@sanjuanbautista.edu Family Nurse Practitioner
María de los Ángeles Rivera, PhD Instructor angiecelpage@hotmail.com angiecelpage@sanjuanbautista.edu PhD Leadership and Education
Pool for Next Semester Part-Time Nursing Faculty
Faculty Name and tittle Rank Email Specialty
María Castro, PhD RN MPH Cathedratic maria.castro@sanjuanbautista.edu Public Health Doctorate in Anatomy and Physiology
Ludmilia Guevarra, RN MSN Instructor ludmilia.guevara@sanjuanbautista.edu Adult and Elderly
Luis S. Amézquita, PhD RN MSN Instructor lamezquita@sanjuanbautista.edu MSN with specialty in Neonatal PhD Health Sciences
Brenda Rodríguez López, RN MSN Instructor brendarl@sanjuanbautista.edu Adult and Elderly
Angela Feliciano Caraballo, RN FNP B Instructor angela.feliciano@sanjuanbautista.edu Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner

Non-Nursing Faculty

Full-Time Non-Nursing Faculty of Basic Sciences and General Education Courses
Faculty Name and tittle Rank Email Specialty
Jorge Pérez, MD Associate jperez@sanjuanbautista.edu Biology & Anatomy
Shirley Valentin, PhD Associate svalentin@sanjuanbautista.edu Microbiology & Zoology
Ramón Scharbaai, PhD Associate rscharbaai@sanjuanbautista.edu Microbiology & Zoology
Yaritza Inostroza, PhD Assistant yinostroza@sanjuanbautista.edu Industrial Chemistry & Biochemistry
Grisel Burgos, MS Instructor gburgos@sanjuanbautista.edu Epidemiology & Biology
Miguel Sugranyes De La Vega, , MS Instructor masugranyes@sanjuanbautista.edu Biology & Anatomy
Part-Time Non-Nursing Faculty of Basic Sciences and General Education Courses
Faculty Name and tittle Rank Email Specialty
Marcelino Colón Colón, Ed.D Professor colon_m@sanjuanbautista.edu Psychology Guidance and Counselling
Francisco Agosto, PhD Professor fagosto@sanjuanbautista.edu Arts and Theology Administration and accountability Mental Health Counseling
Pedro L. Carrión Morrant, MD Instructor p.carrion.morant@sanjuanbautista.edu Doctor in Medicine Science and Chemistry
Jose A. González, MA Instructor jgonzalez@sanjuanbautista.edu Arts and Mathematics applied to education Modern
Ana J. Reyes, PhD Instructor anars@sanjuanbautista.edu Languages Curriculum and teaching Education with concentration in Spanish
Iris Aviles, MA Instructor iris.aviles@sanjuanbautista.edu English as a Second Language Arts, Social Work
Maricelis Nogueras, PhD Instructor maricelis.nogueras@sanjuanbautista.edu History
Zaida Berrio , MA Instructor zberrios@sanjuanbautista.edu Administration Programing
Information of systems
José F. Rodrigo-Pons, PhD Instructor jose.rodrigo@sanjuanbautista.edu PhD in International and Interregional Management.
Freisa Joaquín Ovalle, PhD Instructor freisa.joaquin@sanjuanbautista.edu Doctoral degree in Chemistry
Johanna Vivoni Suárez, PhD Instructor johannavivoni@sanjuanbautista.edu johannavivoni@gmail.com Doctoral degree in teaching and curriculum with a specialization in English
Aida L. Rodríguez, Instructor aidrod1@sanjuanbautista.edu aidrod1@gmail.com Statistics