Prior to registration, students will be verified if they qualify for enrollment to the corresponding academic period. The Registrar will send out a communication indicating the instructions for registration. On the corresponding date of enrollment, students will be required to present:

  • Evidence of a health insurance plan. In the event that the student does not have one, they will be enrolled with the school’s health insurance plan. No student may enroll without a health insurance plan.
  • Physician report
  • Medical certificate including tuberculin test, VDRL blood test, chest X-ray and evidence of being vaccinated against the diseases that are required at the time of registration, according to the requirements of each student under 21 years of age and third year students. Law 25 of September 25, 1983. Must be renewed annually.
  • Negative Criminal Background Check (CBC). First year students submit reports via email. Must be renewed annually. Second- and third-year students must request a CBC report from the PR Police Department at This report requires evidence of a PR driver's license.
  • PVAC Immunization report
  • Influenza vaccine Must be renewed annually.
  • Tithers for Hepatitis B, Chickenpox and MMR
  • COVID-19 vaccine. Students who do not comply with this requirement must present evidence of exemption and complete the Liability Waiver. Not having COVID vaccine may affect student's clinical rotations.