San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJB) welcomes applications from prior students. Students interested in returning to the SJB medical curriculum will be permitted to pre-register for the semester for which they are readmitted provided that their withdrawal was due to a medical or other approved leave of absence. A student who is dismissed for academic reasons or because of professional disqualification is not eligible to apply for readmission.

SJBSM reserves the right to impose any additional conditions and refuse consideration based on the relevant time limit to complete the corresponding program.

Procedures for requesting readmission (other than academic dismissal)

  • Students whose period of withdrawal is greater than two (2) years must reapply as a first year student through the Admissions Office.
  • All students must graduate within the maximum chronological time established of six years after initial matriculation.

Required steps and documents for readmission

  • Write a letter to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs by March 1st of the year in which the student wishes to register.
    • Request for readmission.
    • State the reasons for student's previous academic withdraw and difficulties.
    • Outline in detail all professional and academic activities conducted since leaving medical school, in particular those that might contribute to successfully returning to the medical school.
    • Discuss the resolution of any personal problems that may, in the past, have affected medical school performance.
    • Describe how medical school would be managed, if readmitted, including study habits, learning methods, and examination preparation applications.
  • Complete readmission application
  • Submit a copy of an official academic transcript if course work was completed during the time away from medical school.
  • Money order or certified check for $100.00 payable to the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine. This amount is non-refundable.

Evaluation Process

The letter requesting readmission, as well as any supporting documents submitted will be presented to the Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee and to the Admission Committee. The latter Committees have the option of requesting that the student be called and complete a personal interview.

  • The Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee will review each written request in light of the students’ entire records, including any additional supporting documents submitted. Based on the information provided, the Committee may recommend readmission without conditions, readmission with certain conditions, denial of readmission until further proof of readiness can be established, or denial of readmission.
  • Acceptance for readmission will depend on availability of space.
  • Applications for readmission will be kept on file and will be considered in the order received, as positions become available.

All students returning from a Withdrawal must re-test to their ability to meet the Technical Standards with or without reasonable accommodation.

Readmission Decision

The Chair of the Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee will notify the student in writing of the Committee’s decision.

If granted readmission, the student will be required to adhere to any changes in policy and/or curriculum that occurred during their absence.

Students approved for readmission will be re-enrolled in any courses that were graded “W” or “F” at the time of withdrawal. Failed courses will be repeated in their entirety. Both grades will remain on the transcript along with any subsequent grades. The Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee will determine how much of the course work will need to be repeated to meet the programs requirements. The decision will be made with the recommendations made from the corresponding Deans and based upon Institutional policies.