Transfer Requirements

SJBSM also welcomes applications from candidates requesting transfer. SJBSM will only consider the applicant as a Transfer Student if the following criteria si met:

  • Has been previously enrolled in a higher education institution recognized as such by the Puerto Rico Council on Education in charge of granting licenses to academic institutions, or from the governmental agency in charge of accrediting institutions of higher learning in the jurisdiction or country where the institution is based.
  • Have taken at least 12 transferable credits in a higher education institution, earning at least a C average in each course.
  • Compliance with the Grade Point Average (GPA) established by the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Students that do not meet the previous criteria, specifically the 12 transferable credits, will have to apply to the SJBSM following the Regular Application Process. However, if the student is admitted to the School, the institution could recognize or accept credits taken at the previous higher education institution.

Applicants requesting transfer must submit the following:
  • Transfer Request Form available at the Admissions Office.
  • Descriptions of courses requested to be accredited.
  • An official transcript from the academic institution where the candidate completed courses requested to be accredited.
  • Check or money order to the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine for $25.00. This amount is non-refundable, independently of the School’s decision to admit or not the applicant to the academic program.

Upon acceptance, in addition to all the documentation requested for regular applicants, transfer applicants may be requested to submit additional documents depending of student final classification. Eligible applicants will be summoned for an interview coordinated by the Admissions Office.