Initial Application Review

Once the application has been processed by AMCAS, the Admissions Office will send the applicants via e-mail a confirmation receipt with the instructions that the applicant must follow in order to complete their record. Following receipt of all required credentials, the Committee on Admission will review applications and make interview decisions. Applicants selected for interview will be notified by the Admissions Office Staff.

NOTE: Applicants that do not complete the required documents by the deadline of December 15 will not be evaluated by the Admissions Committee.  Likewise, applications that have not met the admission requirements as determined by the SJBSM Admission Committee will be denied. Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements for admission as appeals cannot be accepted at this stage. No exceptions will me conceded. 

Interview Process

Application Year: 2022-2023

Due to the health and travel concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue implementing virtual interviews for all of our MD candidates for the 22-23 application cycle.

Interview Invitations

Interview invitations are issued by email solely upon the recommendation of the SJBSM Committee on Admissions and will be sent from November through April. Proficiency in Spanish language will be included in the overall assessment for PR non-resident candidates.

Interview Day

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is the San Juan Bautista format of interview. The MMI consists of four (4) structured situational stations used to assess non-cognitive qualities such as: cultural sensitivity, problem-solving and decision making skills, maturity, integrity, empathy, reliability and communication skills. Prior to the start of each mini interview rotation, candidates receive a question/scenario and have two (2) minutes to prepare an answer. Interviewers for the MMI are standardized patients from the community that are formally trained on both clinical skills and the MMI process. Upon entering the interview room, the candidate has a eight (8)-minute exchange with the interviewer. The interviewers evaluate each candidate’s qualities. This pattern is repeated until all the rotations are completed.

A fifth station is a one-on-one interview consisting of an 8-minute interaction with an Admissions Committee member or trained interviewer. This interview runs along with the MMI’s.

Final Decision

The Admissions Committee uses a holistic admissions process to ensure the applicant pool and student body is broadly diverse to enable the School to achieve its mission, vision, goals and student profile statements. When considering applicants for admission, the Admissions Committee reviews all appropriate information including academic, personal, experiential, and demographic data in the selection process.

Academic Metrics:

  • Performance in undergraduate education and premedical coursework

Life Experiences:

  • Clinical exposure sufficient to understand the profession
  • Community background
  • Background of socio-economic disadvantage
  • Scientific inquiry

Personal Attributes:

  • Service orientation
  • Social skills
  • Cultural competence
  • Teamwork
  • Verbal and written Communication Skills in both English and Spanish
  • Ethical Responsibility to Self and Others
  • Reliability and Dependability
  • Resilience and Adaptability
  • Capacity for improvement
  • Critical thinking

The Admissions Committee reviews applicants during the “rolling admission” phase from December to May. Notification of admission may begin as early as January. NOTE: Our committee does not review applications in the order they are submitted OR chronologically by interview date. Decisions by the Admissions Committee are final. 

Upon Acceptance 

Upon Acceptance a letter will be sent by the Admissions Office to the applicants via e-mail. If the applicant accepts the admission offer, he/she must submit the following documents:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Health Certificate
  • Immunization Certificate (PVAC 3 –form)
  • Physician’s Report
  • One "2 x 2" photo
  • AMCAS criminal background check report (If a criminal record appears in the results, the acceptance will be revoked)
  • Technical Standards Receipt
  • Information Regarding Admissions Document
  • Official transcript with conferred grade

Applicants accepting an offer of admission must confirm their acceptance and reserve their seat within ten (10) calendar days by submitting a money order or certified check for the amount of $100.00 dollars, payable to San Juan Bautista School of Medicine. This amount will be refundable until April 30  and will be credited towards tuition fees. Admission is granted only for the academic year the applicant has applied for. We do not offer deferments.