Welcome to The Institutional Research and Planning (IRP). This office is a component of the Presidency, coordinating institutional research activities and supporting the institutional planning procedures. The IRP work to provide data to support the decision making practices at all levels at the School. The IRP was established in 2002 following an intense process of self-study developed by the School, since then we are growing in knowledge and results but realizing the big enterprise involved in the near years.

Our team is composed by two full time persons: a person in charge, and a secretary. This unit coordinates in agreement with Outcomes Learning Assessment unit, the development and implementation of the Instutional Assessment Plan, which includes: Program evaluation, Students learning assessment and the Planning progress, giving support to the academic and administrative units of the School.


IRP provides data and information in a timely and effective manner for accountability, external reports, and for internal desicion making purposes. IRP actively participate in the following institucional process:

  • Plannig: academic planning, benchmarking, SWOT analisys
  • Institutional Research for Program evaluation
  • Support for accreditation
  • Training
  • Ad-Hoc projects
Institutional Mission, Goals and Vision
Institutional Program Learning Outcomes

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Administratives Process

Student Profile
Academic Progress
Student Course and Clerkship Evaluations
Teacher Effectiveness
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Performance in Internal Examinations
Academic Progress
Competencies acquisition
Academic Risk Assessment

Desired Alumni Profile


Outcomes Assessments Hand Book
Planning Budgeting and Assessment Cycle
Institutional Development Plan 2001-2011
Making the Way 2001-2006
Refining Progression 2006-2008


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