The Graduate Medical Education Committee


The GMEC will oversee all the San Juan Bautista Medical Center graduate programs. It will ensure that all MHS sponsored resident programs are:

  • Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
  • Quality graduate educational experiencies for residents.
  • In compliance with ACGME requirements.
  • Regularly reviewed by the IRC.


  • The GMEC will be under the direction of its president.

Frequency of Meetings

  • The GMEC will meet at least quarterly. Written minutes will be kept and submitted for approval at each quarterly meeting.


The major responsibilities include:

  • Establishment and implementation of policies that affect all sponsored residency programs.
  • Establishment of oversight of program directors.
  • Regular Review of all residencies programs to assess their compliance to ACGME requirements.
  • Develop and review institutional agrrements.
  • Serving as the body that sets forth the process and procedures related to the hearing and resolution of resident grievances.

Internal Review

  • The GMEC shall conduct internal reviews of each sponsored program to determine their compliance with both the Institutional and Program Requirements by ACGME.

    The review will follow a written protocol approved by the GMEC. The composition of this committee will include faculty, residents and administrators of other departments. Internal reviews will be conducted at least between cycles of AGME site visits. The Chairperson of the Internal Review Committee will present a written report toe the Chair of the GMEC with a copy to the Director of the reviewed program within 60 days following the review.

    The report will be presented and discussed at a GMEC meeting. The GMEC will make sure that any deficiencies found by the IRC are corrected.