The vision of the SJBSM-MPH Program is to positively transform the health and wellbeing of local and international communities.


The mission of the SJBSM-MPH Program is to provide the highest quality education with a multidisciplinary curriculum focused on education, service, and research to prepare future public health professionals with the necessary competencies to address public health issues in Puerto Rico underserved populations.

Program Goals

  • Education: To ensure the highest quality education to prepare professionals to address public health issues.
  • Research: To conduct evidence-based research to identify and address issues in order to advance knowledge and community practice in the public health field.
  • Service: To advance the health of underserved communities through collaborative public health approaches.


The following core values enlighten the institutional environment and guide us in the fulfillment of our mission and goals:

  • Professionalism: we foster the development of public health professionals with the necessary competencies to serve the community with enthusiasm, respect, integrity, responsibility, and a commitment.
  • Diversity: we foster to develop health professionals ready to serve diverse populations.
  • Educational Quality: we are committed to offer an outstanding education with a multidisciplinary integrative learning experience.
  • Evidence-based Approach: we are committed to scientific rigor, critical analysis, and sound reasoning in public health and practice. 
  • Community Engagement: we are committed in participating and developing healthy communities.