The Master in Public Health Program emphasizes on the study of the aspects of community and population health. It comprises the major aspects of population health and the strategies for community health promotion and disease prevention.

The study of public health implies the identification of disease related factors, the evaluation of community health, the analysis of intervention programs, the importance of health education as a tool for health promotion and the methods for disease prevention.

It is expected that the public health graduate will acquired the knowledge and skills for the diagnosis of community health issues and needs. Also the student will be qualified to conduct public health field studies and applying methods and strategies for disease prevention and control. Also he or she can work on public health policy issues.

Curricular Sequence

Total Trimester Credit-Hours: 58

Courses: First Year

I. Trimester (August- October)

Course Credits
MPH 3101-Fundamentals in Public Health 2
MPH 3205-Perspectives in Environmental Health 2
MPH 5401-Behavioral Science in Public Health 2
MPH 5611-Global Health 2
Total of academic credits 8


II. Trimester (November- February)

Course Credits
MPH 3102-Statistical Methods I 3
MPH 3102-L Lab Statistical Methods I 1
MPH 3103-Epidemiologic Methods I & II 4
Total of academic credits 8


III. Trimester (March-May)

Course Credits
MPH 7304-Epidemiology in Public Health Practice 3
MPH 7202-Inferential Statistics 3
MPH 5103-Surveillance in Public Health 2
Total of academic credits 8


Summer Session (June-July)

Course Credits
MPH 5321-Health Promotion & Disease Prevention 2
MPH 5301-Strategic Management of Health Services 3
MPH 7201-Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Health Programs 3
Total of academic credits 8


Courses: Second Year

IV. Trimester (August-October)

Course Credits
MPH 9406-Field Work Phase I 5
MPH 5602-Evidence Based Methods in Public Health 2
MPH 5101-Public Health Politics and Resource Allocation 2
Total of academic credits 9


V. Trimester (November-February)

Course Credits
MPH 5201-Ethics and Public Health Law 3
MPH 5304-Public Health Informatics 2
MPH 9506-Field Work Phase II 4
Total of academic credits 9


VI. Trimester (March-May)

Course Credits
MPH 5601-Urbanism in Public Health 2
MPH 9606-Field Work Phase III 6
Total of academic credits 8


Degree Requirements

Upon meeting the following requirements the student will receive a Master of Public Health degree:

Completion of the 58 credit-hours program
Overall grade point average of at least 2.50

Course Descriptions

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