Department of Biochemistry-Pharmacology

Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine. Here you will find Faculty and Staff that is available to all students to help them maximize their academic achievement through courses and cooperative learning activities.

Our faculty is specialized in different areas of Biochemistry and Pharmacology contributing to the enrichment and diversity of our department.

The mission of our Department is to educate future generations of medical students to become critical thinkers and the leaders in their fields. The faculty of our Department creates a unique and intellectually stimulating learning environment for students. We offer a host of courses to fulfil the curriculum with the biomedical science requirements for medical and nursing students. Our courses address both the basic principles of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and pharmacology as well as the emerging science and future of the fields.

The use of innovative teaching strategies like Small Group Discussion, Socratic Method and Student Teacher are designed to give students multiple ways to excel. The teaching methodology comprises lectures, problem-solving exercises, case analysis and discussion. This stimulates critical thinking skills and their application to the practice of modern medicine.

Research areas within the Department include:

  • Neuropharmacology,
  • Genetic regulation of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules,
  • Inflammation pathways and anti-inflammatory therapies in cardiovascular disease
  • Pharmacogenetics.
  • Academic Research and Learning Assessment

The Department has research collaboration with

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Boston Children Hospital
  • University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus
  • Fundación de Investigación

The Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology is committed to conduct innovative and important biomedical research to increase growth in the biomedical sciences, preclinical and translational studies.


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  • Yamixa Delgado Reyes, Ph.D.

    Yamixa Delgado Reyes, Ph.D.

    Biochemistry & Pharmacology Director

    E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    P: 787-743-3038 ext:3220