Community service is an important component of the SJBSM mission. The faculty and staff take this responsibility seriously and contribute countless hours to a wide range of community and professional service activities. Medicine, Nursing and Public Health programs drive the tradition of service among students and strongly believe that students should learn to care for others in an environment that values and supports activities that benefit the community. The School organizes multiple activities, many addressed to underserved and diverse populations, offering students the opportunity to select activities that best suit their interests and talents



Community Medicine Program provides several voluntary opportunities for our students.



The main objective is to expose students to the community’s dynamics and allowing an opportunity for healthcare in the communities.

  • With emphasis on health protection, disease prevention and health promotion.
  • Target population: children, adolescents, disabled, elders and adults



SJBSM promotes the integration of the three academic programs through multiple inter-professional activities (research collaborations, community services, case discussions, and systems-based problem analysis), allowing students to explore the art and science of teamwork and communication skills, ethical issues, health care disparities, patient safety, cultural competency, social determinants of health, and psychosocial issues related to patient care.

cmp service



  Prof. Grisel Burgos Barreto
Community Liaison Officer
(787)743-3038 Ext. 261
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