Department of Physiology - Pathology

On behalf of the faculty of the Physiology/Pathology Department, welcome to our website.

The Department of Physiology/Pathology is comprised of a diverse faculty (MD's and PhD's) committed to the integrated and broad educational, research and service goals of Escuela de Medicina San Juan Bautista. In addition to our based Physiology/Pathology faculty, the Department is academically enriched with the support of distinguished visiting lecturers and joint appointed faculty from other Departments to ensure sufficient diversity and high quality instruction in the physiology and pathology sciences.

The primary academic goals of the Department are to increase knowledge of the physiological and pathological bases of normal and abnormal body processes, and to train medical students who, through service and research, will provide new understanding of biomedical issues that have an impact on public health. Within this framework, the department's responsibilities are to provide educational experiences to medical students during the pre-clinical and clinical years, develop and contribute to programs of graduate and continuing medical education, conduct research, and promote optimal health within the community.

In addition to the required Physiology and Pathology courses, members of this faculty group participate in teaching introductory courses such us Research Methods, Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis in order to support and enhance academic and research relationships between Departments. Present members of this faculty have developed pioneering technologies for human gamete preservation and in vitro fertilization, and an opportunity exists for the development of a strong reproductive and gamete biology research program within the Physiology/Pathology Department on the SJB campus.

Along with teaching responsibilities, the Physiology/Pathology faculty is engaged in interdisciplinary applied and clinical research, and takes part in research activities in the field of community health problems, which comprise the research focus of the SJB. A major objective of our Department is to foster interaction among the medical educators, clinicians and researchers of other institutions through teaching, seminars and collaborative research.

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Associate Professor

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